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Benya Marine, A Subsidiary Of Alghanmi Group Based In Jeddah City, in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Established In 2014, To Provide Products And Services for Marine And Coastal Projects Within The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.  We Seek Innovative Products & Services To Enhance Operations on Sea.  

For Marine Authorities

Critical and security solutions for cost guards and port authorities.

For Commercial Vessels

IMO compliant, wheelmark approved equipment for merchant shipping.

For Yachting & Fishing

Choice of solutions for yachts and fishing boats. Explore the our store

Business Profile 

Contracting Division

Offshore Services

With Our Fleet Of Equipment And Vessels, Benya Marine Is Providing Services For Buoys & Lanterns (Aton), Offshore Maintenance Inspections, Consulting And Preventive Maintenance.

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Maritime Situational Awareness

Maritime domain awareness is the effective understanding of anything associated with the maritime domain that could impact the security, safety, economy, or environment.

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Underwater Services (Diving)

Benya Marine A Registered Diving Division For Providing Underwater Construction, Port and ship maintenance All Over GCC Countries.

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Our Team at Benya Marine Progress Aiming for High Quality and Cost-Effective Solutions to Enhance Your Operations at Sea

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Marine Construction Supply

Benya Marine works with a specific group of contractors, municipality Shores and government agencies, negotiating every order and handling the logistics of multiple material deliveries.

Marine Environmental Control Solutions

Benya Marine offers real-time monitoring of the marine environment with flexible sensors, data logging and a communications platform to meet regulatory requirements

Automatic Identification Systems Solutions (AIS)

Advanced AIS systems for the harshest and most demanding environments. From a single node to a complete network infrastructure.