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AtoN Supply & Services

Marine Environmental Control Solutions

In the implementation of marine works, it is necessary to monitor the levels of resuspension of sediments to prevent damage to the local ecosystem and reduce the spread of pollutants . Benya Marine offers real-time monitoring of the marine environment with quality buoys integrated with flexible sensors, data logging and a communications platform to meet regulatory requirements, environment control and marine research activities. 

Offshore AtoN Services

With a fleet of equipment & vessels, Benya Marine Contracting (BMC) offer services for AtoN buoys components, and offshore maintenance. 

Integrated Buoys

We offer a range of technical equipment for port Aid to Navigation marks, AIS AtoN systems, and AtoN management systems. With the technical capabilities of the processing of marine signs with advanced techniques to measure Hydrological and Metrological variables, monitor traffic navigation, and monitoring the status of AtoN, which in turn contribute to the work of the concerned authorities and vessels to raise the level of navigation safety and environmental.

Marine Environmental Buoys
Port Integrated Buoys
Offshore AtoN Services
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