Underwater Structure Maintenance
Need support for underwater maintenance tasks? Our diving department will assist you with equipment and highly qualified divers.
Underwater Ship Maintenance
Save time & cost with our ship repair, cleaning and inspection services. carried by our professional certified divers
Underwater Pipe & Cabling
Benya Marine is supporting major contractors with underwater pipe lines and cables with high standards to meet your depth
Underwater Construction
We work with project managers to execute varieties of underwater construction tasks that meet project requirements

Introduction to our Industrial Diving Services


Benya Marine  is now a Registered Diving Division for providing underwater Construction and Maintenance work all over GCC. With offices in Jeddah, Rabigh and Riyadh,  We are now prompt to do all types of Diving Services, our new diving division have IMCA registered Divers and certified commercial Diving equipment to carry out all underwater work in a professional way.

We are pleased to offer the following commercial diving services to our valuable clients: 

Pipe Line & Cable Installation

  • Floating Pontoon & Gangway.
  • Underwater Accropodes & Block Placing.
  • Underwater Welding & Cutting.
  • Underwater Concreting.
  • Underwater Drilling & Plastering.
  • GRP Installation.
  • HDPE Installation.
  • De Silting.
  • Rehabilitation Works.
  • Pumphouse Works.
  • Screeding and Underwater Concreting.
  • Construction of Breakwaters.
  • Underwater Environmental Works

Marine Structure Maintenance

  • Hull Survey & Cleaning.
  • Propeller Cleaning & Polishing.
  • Propeller Straightening & Balancing.
  • Marine Salvage of Submerged Vessel.
  • Underwater Video Survey, Photography & Inspection.
  • Intake and Outlet Valve Inspection & Clearance.
  • Patching or Blanking Using Doubler Plate.
  • Epoxy Repair, Anode Replace.
  • Grating Clearing Maritime.

UW Ship Services

Site Surveys & Environmental works