Benya Marine works with a specific group of contractors, municipality Shores and government agencies, negotiating every order and handling the logistics of multiple material deliveries. 

We focus our resources with only few clients yet source almost any marine material with a complete logistic support and after sales services, the result is improved customer service, better product selection and hassle-free logistics.

Environmental Control Solutions

In the implementation of marine works, it is necessary to monitor the levels of resuspension of sediments to prevent damage to the local ecosystem and reduce the spread of pollutants.

Benya Marine offers real-time monitoring of the marine environment with flexible sensors, data logging and a communications platform to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Oil Spill Monitoring Solutions
  • Buoys for Data & AtoN Applications
  • Marine Meteorological & Hydrological Monitoring Systems
  • Marine Environmental Monitoring Solutions


Marine Navigation & Communication

Our Marine Electronics department continues to provide reliable marine technologies for the government and commercial sector, aiming for high quality and cost-effective solutions to enhance Safety, Security & navigation at sea.

  • Navigation & Communication Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Rescue RF Devices
  • Vessel Monitoring Integration Components.

Facilities Equipment

  • Mooring, Docking, and Berthing Equipment.
  • Floating Dock Fittings, Anchors and Accessories.
  • Commercial Pier and Marina Decking Applications & Accessories.
  • Floating Barriers and Marine Protection Applications.
  • Shore Power Systems.
  • Marine Reverse Osmosis Plants (Water-makers).


Maritime Situational Awareness

  • Design, Supply, and integration of Maritime Situational Awareness Systems.
  • Vessel Monitoring Systems and Components
  • VTMS/AIS Network Design, Supply and Installation.

Marine Environmental Buoys
Port Integrated Buoys
Offshore AtoN Services
Weather Buoys