Automatic Identification System 

AIS was developed to provide automatic reporting between ships and to shore, which contributes to the safety of navigation and facilitates traffic management by exchanging information such as identity, position, time, course  and speed, autonomously and continuously.





AIS is a communications system using four worldwide channels in the VHF maritime mobile band, for the exchange of navigation data. There are numerous AIS devices, known as stations, which are identified by a unique Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI)2 and use an international open standard to communicate.

Iala AIS network diagram benya marine

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AIS Products: 

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Saudi Benya Marine can provide special solutions for authorities to keep watch on the waters. including VTS, VTM systems.

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AIS Class A
AIS Class B CS
AIS Class B SO
 WideLink B600
 WideLink B600W
AIS Portable
AIS Receiver
 WideLink R150GE
ECS Software for PC
 NaviPro ECS
NMEA 2000 Adaptor
Antenna Splitter
GPS Antenna
Cable & Accessories
 Tx Switch Box
 GPS antenna mount
 VHF Cable
 GPS Cable

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